A lot goes into preparing and running virtual events. Virtual Curtain will work with artists, organizations, and event planning committees to identify the right format for the program, build the virtual venue, configure content, and run the virtual event.

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  • Virtual Venue

    Virtual Curtain has easy-to-navigate venue floorplans that invite true interaction between guests for networking, connecting with friends and event guests, and joining in private group conversations.
    We work with local artists to provide the option of creating customizable looks for particular events, or chose from one of our handsome stock looks. 

  • Virtual Programs

    Virtual Curtain will coordinate with event organizers and participants to identify a schedule for the main event. We will help you make sure this programming takes advantage of all of the opportunities afforded by the virtual format, and can connect you with vendors for entertainment, customizable room designs, prerecording opportunities and more. 

  • Virtual presentations

    Whether your presentations and entertainment will be pre-recorded or live, Virtual Curtain will help you offer up the very best.  


    • For pre-recorded presentations, Virtual Curtain offers recording sessions in advance of your event to ensure high-quality recordings. We have the ability to edit speaker videos (pre-recorded with us or uploaded separately) to ensure quality of recording and professional transitions between presentations. These pre-recording sessions can be a scheduled part of the event program and open to a live audience of event attendees with Q&A and coffee bar discussion.

    • For live talks and performances, Virtual Curtain offers video editing services so you can provide high quality recordings to your community.

  • Virtual Posters & Art

    Virtual Curtain will create a virtual poster room or gallery and hang virtual images in the right place at the right time. Virtual image presentations can be accompanied by information cards and can be a great compliment to artists' talks. Virtual Curtain will facilitate the collection of the required media from event organizers. 

  • Virtual Coffee & Guest interaction

    Virtual Curtain offers multiple opportunities for face-to-face interactions with private tables and booths, the ability to walk up to a person or group to introduce yourself, visit with friends, or invite someone for a face-to-face private conversation. 

    Virtual Curtain also offers large spaces for presentations with the opportunities for Q & A sessions and readings or recitations, as well as intimate coffee bars and break out areas. 

  • Virtual Attendants

    Virtual Curtain will be on-hand during the event to help participants make the most of the virtual event experience.

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