​Whether you are deciding on recreating a particular environment with one of our skilled designers, or putting your trust in our experienced staff to create a unique floor plan with one of our many fun and engaging standard room looks, every technological innovation is at your fingertips. Look to Virtual Curtain for a premium experience, bells and whistles included. 

Sample Pricing for custom events


  • Community gathering
    Up to 50 ppl during 2 hours                                                       $500

  • Concert/Theatrical Performance
    Up to 50 ppl during 2 hours                                                        $600

  • Networking/Portfolio Review
    Up to 50 ppl during 2 hours                                                        $700

  • Community event including watch party in a Theater
    Up to 80 ppl during 4 hours                                                        $1100

  • Community event including a Theater and Auditorium
    Up to 80 ppl during 4 hours                                                        $1250

  • Gallery style event
    Up to 100 ppl during 2 hours                                                       $1400

  • Standard Poster Session
    Up to 300 ppl during 4 hours                                                                            $2000

  • Mini trade show
    Up to 300 ppl, 50 vendor booths, during 16 hours                             $9500

All events have discounted reoccurrences.  Interested in a quote for your specific event? Fill us in! Request a Producer - Led Demo

​For events that require custom elements our standard samples above, Virtual Curtain can create the custom spaces to meet your needs.  Each space takes advantage of technical innovations not found on any other platform, superior in-person and real-time technical assistance for each and every event, dedicated Producers for each client, and the most user friendly and charming customized spaces available. 


The examples above give some points of reference.  Pricing varies based on the desired number of inclusions of collateral into any given space. Please recognize that a unique event will probably not line up exactly with these reference points.