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Your event is hosted by Virtual Curtain and will take place on the Gather.town platform.  This platform provides a 2D layout which each participant can explore by moving an avatar with arrow keys.  You can navigate your avatar around to join conversations throughout the space or  at a table, as well as interact with videos, gallery images and objects. 

*Please note that you must be using either Chrome or Firefox browsers on a computer, and that the use of personal devices such as cell phones and tablets is not supported.
*When signing on for the first time, please allow Gather to access your microphone and camera for the best experience. 

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Opening Thursday, April 8, 2021 @ 6pm CST

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Password: apachicago

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View above video or click here for an extended guide on how to use Virtual Curtain. We hope you enjoy your event!


the FUTURE of events is virtual

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