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The virtual event format has some affordances that the physical conference format lacks. We recommend considering the following formatting ideas as ways to get the most out of the virtual format. 

Pre-recorded Content

Having your content pre-recorded can eliminate the possibilities of errors or scheduling and timing issues. If pre-recording, opt for professional recording and editing when possible, and start the process early in the planning stages. Virtual Chair does have a number of very talented A/V specialists that can help you from beginning to completion. 

Live Content

Live entertainment, speakers and guest engagement opportunities will bring your event to life. Make sure that your live streams are well lit and energetic. Establish a good location for the live engagement, and consider a rehearsal or dry run of the live components. 

Personal Interaction time

Make sure not to over schedule your event. Remember that this is NOT a zoom style event, and your guests will actually look forward to spending time on the platform ‘meeting up’ with friends and colleagues. Consider interactive components like a (virtual) bartender, party games, lobby entertainment and the likes. One of our producers are happy to brainstorm with you about the options. If you can imagine what you might want in an in-person event, we can determine how we can emulate it within Virtual Curtain. 

Posters, Art and Still images

This is a great guest interaction opportunity and a great way to communicate to your participants on their time. When considering a gallery style event, make sure that your images are a high resolution, and make sure to provide still images early to ensure proper treatment

Room looks

Whether your rooms are one of the classic stock looks in the Virtual Curtain portfolio or customized to emulate a specific venue, make sure that your space has ample room for guests to wander around, and includes opportunities for guests to engage in private conversations at tables, booths, lounge areas or custom areas or your chosing. Nobody likes an overcrowded room in person, and the same goes for virtual events with Virtual Curtain.