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Virtual CURTAIN guides you through the organization of user-friendly, custom-created events by focusing on three priorities: interaction among guests, multiple experience platforms, and customization. With Virtual Curtain, event hosts can easily coordinate multiple aspects of Arts and Entertainment events and provide the very best online experience for their guests.

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The results were remarkable! It was a virtual conference that felt like a physical conference. Spontaneous interaction between attendees occurred throughout the program. The conference experience was amazing, and while it took considerable effort to achieve it, we knew we had a formula that could be recreated. 

Both Nicole and Jason, having one foot in Computer Science and one in the arts, came to realize that this platform could be utilized across many realms of community based endeavors.  They collectively reached out to Nicolle Wood, the Director of Galaxie Chicago, an established and very revered arts and events production company, and asked is she would like to contribute her vast experience in entertainment production to what all 3 imagined would be an amazing opportunity to bring people together, until we can all get together again. 

The demand has been overwhelming! We have collated a savvy team to produce a broad variety of events and conferences with guests from all over the world, and with the sky being the limit, we expect to keep up the pace for the foreseeable future.
Keeping people together until we can all be together again. 



In the spring of 2020, with the realization that all upcoming events and conferences will require a virtual platform, founders Jason Hartline and Nicole Immorlica were leading their field’s virtual transition team to convert the previously planned physical conference into a virtual one. With many conferences struggling to provide the engagement and interaction of a physical conference, the team focused on creating a conference experience to emphasize three priorities: interaction, dissemination and broad participation


Jason Hartline

Jason Hartline is a Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University. His research covers the foundations of online markets. He is a codirector of the Institute for Data, Econometrics, Algorithms, and Learning. He has courtesy appointments in the Economics Department and the Kellogg School of Management. He was the Virtual General Chair of the 2020 ACM Conference of Economics and Computation.

Nicole Immorlica

Nicole Immorlica is an economics and computer science researcher.  She uses tools and modeling concepts from both economics and theoretical computer science to explain, predict, and shape behavioral patterns in markets and social networks.  She is the Chair of the ACM Special Interest Group on Economics and Computation and led the effort to transition the 2020 ACM Conference on Economics and Computation to its virtual format.  She is passionate about the benefits afforded by virtual formats of academic events and hopes to maintain these benefits in hybrid models as physical events again become feasible.